Who We Are.

Insuricon isn’t your typical insurance agency. We’re not here to convince clients they need one policy over another or to convince them to protect what matters most. Our clients already get it. They know they need insurance coverage. We don’t sell insurance policies, we help people. We give back to communities around the country with the help of our clients.

Insuricon donates a portion of the money they earn to the charity of our client’s choice. It’s simple but, in an industry focused on the bottom line and selling as many policies as possible, revolutionary. Insurance is all about helping people, but at Insuricon, we put our money where our mouth is.


Helping others is at the core of Insuricon.  We want you to have a great insurance policy, but we also want to use that as a platform to help others.  We will work with national charities or with local ones just down the street from you. 

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.” – Brian Tracy


You might think this is servicing your policy, but it’s not.  Our team at Insuricon leaves the insurance work to the trained professionals working in the National Service Center.  Our focus is on who we can help, what they need, and how we can be of service to people, organizations, and the wider community. 

“Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return but because of who you are.” – Harold S. Kushner


You have plenty of choices of where to buy insurance, but it matters more when you choose to be connected to a great insurance policy through Insuricon.  You’ll be standing with us to be an icon of kindness in your community and in the world.  You will even get to tell us which charity our donation will be sent, it’s your choice!

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Jackie Chan


Join us at Insuricon to build a community of kindness.  Yes, we facilitate insurance purchases, but we’re the conduit that connects the community to create real change in the world.  We work with our clients, not to sell them a policy, but to figure out how they can help the people they want to help.

Jim Valvano said if you do three things every day, you will live a full life – “laugh, think and have your emotions moved to tears.”

Since we’re not in the business of selling specific policies — we leave that up to the national carriers we work with — what do we sell? In reality, we don’t sell anything. We build relationships with clients. We offer them the chance to give back and do good in the world. Together, we spread love and kindness in big and small ways to make the world brighter and better — for everyone.

When clients work with Insuricon, they do it because they know they’ll help someone else. They know Insuricon changes the world one policy at a time. Because of our mission, we’re not bound to a single geographic area. 

We’re nationwide, seeking to do good and be of service around the United States. Everywhere you go, people need help and others want to help. At Insuricon, we connect the two and change the world, one person and one policy at a time with simple, intentional kindness.

Our Brand & Mission

Insuricon doesn’t spend time selling clients on specific policies. We help people help other people. Our clients work with us because they know that doing so allows them to help others. They’re motivated by spreading kindness to others, and Insuricon helps them do that every time they buy a new policy or when they renew their current policy.

Our clients are like us — they feel a responsibility to do good work in the world, to spread love to others, and to offer a helping hand whenever possible. 

When they buy a necessity like insurance, they know they can help someone else have a better life and spread more good in the world. Client by client, charity by charity, we change the world one policy at a time.

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