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We protect Coffee Shops

You’re the “how can I help you” heart of the community you serve. Your title may be “Founder,” “Owner,” or “CEO,” but you may also be the one-person accounting department, marketing team, purchasing division and tech support. The success of your business demands that you manage it all, and it takes 80 hours a week to keep your doors open. We want to work as hard every day protecting your business as you do in preparing our coffee and other tasty items. Our choice to work with Travelers Insurance was no accident. Travelers works with coffee shops all across the country and is a leader in this industry. Our partnership with them allows you to craft your coverages to meet your needs. From best-in-class coverages to packaging multiple coverages together, Travelers can handle it. You’ll receive superior coverage, industry-leading claim service and proprietary risk control tools to help effectively manage your everyday risks. By allowing Insuricon to connect you with Travelers Insurance, you benefit from well-crafted protection, time-tested expertise and solutions that meet your unique needs. As you continually adapt to changes in technology and competition, you deserve a company that understands the particular exposures you’ll face. With more than 160 years of experience, Travelers is uniquely positioned to deliver the thoughtful advice you want and need. You’ll be protected by a company who has stood the test of time while providing you the expertise, value and financial strength you need to put your mind at ease. So, if you’re ready to help someone else by buying your insurance through us, please click on the link to start your quote. With just a little bit of information, a direct representative of Travelers will contact you to finish the process. Insuricon will work with you to discuss your choice of charities. We want to know what’s important to you and where you want a donation made. By connecting you to Travelers, we can connect your dollars to your charity of choice. With simple, intentional kindness, we can change the world for someone one policy at a time.

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