Flower Shop Insurance

We specialize in Insurance for Flower Shops. How can we help?

How we help protect your Flower Shop

You have a real skill – and a true gift. Yours is a trade where you can provide highly personalized services and solutions, using tangible tools and materials. Your professional knowledge stems from natural talent, refined by intensive, hands-on experience. As a florist, the time and attention you put into your creations, make the special days and moments in our lives that much better. Whether we’re celebrating or mourning, your work brightens every day. Just as no two occasions need the exact same floral needs, neither does the insurance protection for each flower shop. Insuricon has chosen to connect you to Travelers Insurance because of their legacy of over 160 years of experience. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your insurance carrier understands the evolving risks associated with all the roles you play. Your coverages can be tailored to fit your perfectly and protect you today – and tomorrow. You can continue to make beautiful arrangements and floral gifts while leaving the insurance up to us. We won’t box you into any certain categories, we offer customized solutions for what matters most to you. We make sure you get exceptional value for every insurance dollar you spend by providing superior coverage at a competitive price, with industry-leading claim service and proprietary risk control tools to help effectively manage your everyday risks. So, if you’re ready to help someone else by buying your insurance through us, please click on the link to start your quote. With just a little bit of information, a direct representative of Travelers will contact you to finish the process. Insuricon will work with you to discuss your choice of charities. We want to know what’s important to you and where you want a donation made. By connecting you to Travelers, we can connect your dollars to your charity of choice. With simple, intentional kindness, we can change the world for someone one policy at a time.

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